Thanks to everyone who attended the 2017 CMA Summit!

The Critical Messaging Association (CMA) is a collaboration of paging system providers, vendors and consultants that provide a forum to exchange ideas, technology, and explore new business opportunities; advocate for legal and regulatory policies; and create a unified global voice for the critical messaging industry.

Summit Presentations
CMA members may view the Summit presentations, by going to the members-only area.

Keys to a Smooth Migration to Digital Alerting
Marco Stadler, Swissphone
Swissphone’s DiCal Solution offers a step-by-step approach to help public safety customers migrate to digital alerting. In a first stage, the s.QUAD Voice pager allows increasing the coverage of existing analog network infrastructure and introduces alphanumeric messaging through the connection of the pager to a firefighter’s smartphone via BLE. In a second stage, the DiCal network concept allows for an increase in speed, efficiency, and resiliency of the network. The DiCal solution is FirstNet ready. This presentation will detail the process of several counties in Iowa that are migrating to digital alerting with this solution.

Added Revenue Streams for Paging Now and in the Future
Paul Lauttamus, Lauttamus Communications
This presentation will detail several opportunities Lauttamus Communications is using to add to their revenue streams and will include both a review of how to reposition paging as well as suggestions for additional uses of paging that may not be on your radar.  Examples include targeting volunteer fire departments in rural counties, ensuring maintenance of hospital paging systems as well as pushing this service to critical care teams within a hospital. They are also multi-purposing their paging systems to provide mass notification and alarm systems.

An Environmental Scan of P25, LTE, Tetra and DMR Technologies and Potential Impacts to the Current Paging Industry
Vic Jensen, Unication USA
Unication pioneered a paging solution for APCO P25, Public Safety Systems.  P25 paging offers cities/counties/states the option of retiring their aging VHF/UHF paging systems (both voice and alphanumeric) while saving considerable money in the process.  Other technologies are being deployed (or soon will be) and it is important to those of us in the Paging Industry to assess their impact on current operations and future plans. This presentation will be followed by time for audience participation.

What’s So Critical About All These Messages?
Forrest Nelson, Providence Health Services
Richard Gregory, Duke Energy

Two major multi-campus private system operators will tell you what is really important about critical messaging and why they do most of it themselves.

Back Channel for Paging Industry : the Future for Critical Messaging?
David Villacastin, Jose Costa, TPL Systemes
This session will describe state-of-the-art solutions for 2Way Paging, what technical solutions are available today and which would be tomorrow. Indeed, 2Way pager provides a reliable solution to the industry in critical alerting through new features and its native 2Way activity. Having a device respond to an alert without the necessity to make a phone call or to use a second device, has proved the worthiness of POCSAG 2Way pagers.

FCC Round Table
Ken Hardman, Esq., Counsel to CMA 
The new majority is aggressively pursuing its agenda at the FCC, which in major respects is polar opposite of the policies adopted by the previous Commission. On tap are strict new wireless license renewal rules applying to all wireless services, and a rollback of Net Neutrality and telco copper retirement rules, among other major decisions. CMA's counsel explores the impact of these initiatives for CMA members in a roundtable discussion.

e*Message about Needs, Opportunities and Innovations
Dietmar Gollnick, e*Message

e*Message is following latest events, needs, opportunities and innovations in the industry. Hear how paging would have improved responses to several European incidents in the last few years, what new media can and cannot do to support paging / NP2M and wireless operators of our size ("SME”).  In addition, Dietmar will review how paging users can prosper from 2wayS which offers extreme resilience and lower outage probability.

Paging Markets Leap Ahead with Modern Secure Systems
Jim Nelson, Prism-IPX Systems
Prism-IPX Systems shows how paging and text messaging systems are meeting the requirements for cybersecurity and reliability with modern products that have full factory support. From small to large, Prism-IPX has systems that maximize performance, reliability and data security with the features customers want.

Satellite Paging: Threats or Opportunity?
Richard Prodger & Trevor Drawbridge, Global Data Burst Limited
Global Data Burst has developed technology to bring satellite networks into the paging world. In this presentation, the company's technology and products will be described and compared to traditional paging. The presentation poses the question "Satellite paging; threat or opportunity?". Participants will decide!